Sakae Tower Hills

A full-service luxury rental apartments building,
28 stories, over 100 meters high

A sleekly designed exterior, luxurious interiors and hotel-style concierge services put these rental properties a cut above the rest. Meet Sakae Tower Hills, a magnificent luxury rental apartments building, now in Nagoya’s central Sakae district!

Sakae Tower Hills from the road

Sakae Tower Hills video
A view of Sakae Tower Hills under construction from a nearby road.
Unit floor plans
Sakae Tower Hills offers 156 units with 15 different types of floor plans. Choose from five levels of luxury living.

Watch videos of five levels luxury rooms

A SONG OF Sakae Tower Hills

“A Thousand-Year Tree,“ the theme song of Sakae Tower Hills, is performed by singer Masatoshi Nakamura.
Sakae Tower Hills will be home toNagoya's own swords museum, Nagoya Touken World, which will take up the whole of the second floor and a seven-story building on the north side. The building's theme song is meant to encapsulate the spirit of this museum. Enjoy!

Sakae Tower Hills theme song
How to access Sakae Tower Hills


Sakae Tower Hills is located in the heart of Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture,
easily accessible by car, train or bus.

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Neighborhood map
Sakae Tower Hills visualization

The Sakae Tower Hills concept

Superior progress
An innovative, iconic building to propel culture and exchange
Superior safety
The vibration control structure of the building and
latest security systems keep tenants safe and secure
Superior amenities
High-end concierge services enrich the lives of
Superior creativity
Live in style thanks to the beauty of functional

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Design of Sakae Tower Hills


Kisho Kurokawa

Concept for Sakae Tower Hills, drawn by Kisho Kurokawa

Token Corporation commissioned world-renowned architect Kisho Kurokawa to design Sakae Tower Hills. These hand-drawn sketches and computer-generated images reflect the concept design Kurokawa completed.
If Kurokawa had lived for a few more years, Sakae Tower Hills might have been his final creation as an architect.
Token Corporation is deeply grateful to Kisho Kurokawa for his work and has cherished his design for Sakae Tower Hills.

The building showcases myriad luxurious design touches that emphasize its high-end status, from the rooftop observation deck
that overlooks Nagoya to the large round windows that rise up along the facade from the first to the fourth floors.

  • Large corner sash windows

    Large corner sash windows

    The corners of the building feature large corner sash windows. This creates open living spaces with expansive views.

  • Balconies


    Vertical lines on the balconies extending from the building help make Sakae Tower Hills appear to soar toward the sky.

  • Design


    Large and small round windows reflect traditional architectural styles using massive modern-day glass panels.

  • Rooftop observation deck

    Rooftop observation deck

    The roof is crowned with an observation deck. From 100 meters above the ground, the deck offers a magnificent view of the city of Nagoya.

  • 5th-floor outdoor garden

    5th-floor outdoor garden

    The residents-only fitness room opens onto a beautiful outdoor garden.

  • Entrance hall

    Entrance hall

    The sophisticated, sumptuously decorated entrance hall is a skillful mix of classic European design and modern design.

Floors overview

Floors overview

  • Floor 28: Rooftop observation deck
  • Floors 5-27: Full-service luxury rental units
  • Floors 3-4: Office floors
  • Floors 1-2: Offices, Nagoya Touken Museum
Sakae Tower Hills floor guide
Sakae Tower Hills visualization
  • *The first floor contains the entrance hall and lounge for tenants.
  • *The fifth floor contains common amenities such as the fitness room and outdoor garden.

Floors 5-27: Full-service luxury rental units (156 units)

Floors 5-27

The full-service luxury rental floors offer five grades of units to suit every tenant's tastes. While the highest-grade units offer the ultimate in luxury and quality, the general-grade units are still a cut above similar rentals in the city. Sakae Tower Hills offers tenants not only hotel-style services but also triple and quadruple security, making it much more secure than a regular hotel.

Out of a total of 156 units,
65 come with furniture and appliances.

Sakae Tower Hills offers 65 units that come fully furnished and equipped with home appliances. Even if you need to relocate on a tight schedule, you can relax knowing that all the comforts and conveniences you need will be available from day one. (91 units come without furniture or appliances.) Move smartly with as little luggage as possible, whether you're arriving or leaving.

*Fully-furnished and non-furnished units are available for all floor plan types, so you can choose freely.
Visualization of unit with furniture and appliances
  • Comfort
  • Deluxe
  • High Deluxe
  • Premium
  • Premium Suite

Detailed unit floor plans

Concierge services

Concierge services

Concierge services include a variety of services to make tenants' lives easier, from luggage storage to greeting of guests.

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Tight security

Tight security

Sakae Tower Hills safeguards tenants through a variety of crime prevention measures and the 24-hour manned security typical of full-service rental condominium buildings.

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Common amenities and services

  • Tower parking
    Tower parking

    Sakae Tower Hills has a large parking lot that can accommodate 149 vehicles. Around-the-clock security camera monitoring and security gates offer comprehensive security.

  • Fitness room
    Fitness room

    The fifth floor offers a fitness room that tenants can use at any time. A wide range of fitness equipment is available around the clock.

  • Rooftop observation deck
    Rooftop observation deck

    Tenants of Sakae Tower Hills are always welcome on the rooftop observation deck at the top of the building. The deck's three telescopes are free to use.

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Floors 1-2: Offices, Nagoya Touken Museum

Floor 1

On the first floor, you'll find the Sakae Tower Hills office of Homemate ONE, the Token Group's luxury rental real estate agency, and an office of travel agent Totsu Travel. The Sakae Tower Hills office of Homemate ONE handles not only rentals in the Sakae Tower Hills building but also rentals in, and sales and purchases of, other luxury rental properties in and around Nagoya. Totsu Travel specializes in golf- and history-focused trips in and around the Tokai region. Through the Totsu Travel office, tenants of Sakae Tower Hills also benefit from exclusive services including travel reservations and travel planning.

  • Luxury rental property agent Homemate ONE

    Luxury rental property agent Homemate ONE
  • Travel agency Totsu Travel Co., Ltd.

    Travel agency Totsu Travel Co., Ltd.
Floor 2

Nagoya Touken World, Nagoya's very own swords museum, takes up the whole of the second floor.
Visitors can admire rare Japanese swords, armor, spears and more. The museum also offers fun try-it-yourself games.

Nagoya Touken WorldIntroducing Nagoya Touken World,
Nagoya's own swords museum

Nagoya Touken World, Nagoya's very own swords museum, can be found in Sakae, Naka-ku, at the heart of Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. The museum will display over 200 Japanese swords, including items that are designated Important Cultural Properties and Important Art Objects. Spread out over seven floors, the museum will cover 3,329 square meters and boast the largest collection of Japanese swords in the country. It will also display a vast collection of about 50 suits of armor. With its exhibitions enhanced by the latest digital technologies, Nagoya Touken World is sure to become a top attraction for visitors to Nagoya.

  • SAKAE TOWER HILLS Northwest side
  • Armor display 1
  • Special exhibition room
  • Armor display 2
  • SAKAE TOWER HILLS Vertical parking lot Armor display 3
  • SAKAE TOWER HILLS North side
  • SAKAE TOWER HILLS North side, front entrance rotunda SAKAE TOWER HILLS West side, parking lot entrance
  • Nagoya Touken World(SAKAE TOWER HILLS North side)
  • SAKAE TOWER HILLS North side (Yabacho-dori) SAKAE TOWER HILLS South side
  • Exhibition room
  • SAKAE TOWER HILLS Southeast side
  • SAKAE TOWER HILLS (Honmachi-dori)
Nagoya Touken World, Nagoya's own swords museum
Visit the official website of Nagoya Touken World, Nagoya's own swords museum, opening in June 2020
Virtual swords museum Touken World
Virtual swords museum Touken World

The virtual swords museum Touken World offers a wealth of content about Japanese swords and armor with great artistic value. A veritable digital textbook about Japanese swords and armor, Touken World will turn every beginner into a swords expert with a wealth of text, photos, illustrations and videos.

Virtual swords museum Touken World
Visit the official website of Touken World

Floors 3-4: Office floors

Floors 3-4

Floors 3 and 4 contain offices that currently house the Online Content Development Department of Token Corporation's head office. The offices also house Totsu Agency, the general advertising agency that runs the Token Group's advertising and marketing activities.

  • Token Corporation

    Token Corporation offices
  • Totsu Agency

    Token Corporation offices
Sakae Tower Hills in a nutshell

Sakae Tower Hills in a nutshell

Use 156 residential units, museum, offices, branch offices
Lot size 3,102.41 m²
Construction Reinforced concrete, steel
Building footprint 1,970.80 m²
Total floor area 26,866.69 m²
Height 100.80 m
Floors 28 above ground, 1 basement
Number of buildings 3 (residential/office building,
tower parking building, parking lot building)
Parking lot Reserved for offices (open air): 2 ground-level spaces
Tenants (garage): 2 ground-level spaces
Tenants (open air): 3 ground-level
Tenants (tower parking): 144 spaces
Nippon Design Co., Ltd.; Shimizu Construction Co., Ltd.;
Token Corporation Co., Ltd.
Sakae Tower Hills
Sakae Tower Hills, located in the center of Nagoya, was conceived as a full-service luxury rental apartments high-rise that offers tenants hotel-style services. Sakae Tower Hills is a 28-story high-rise tower that contains a total of 156 rental units as well as commercial properties such as Nagoya Touken World, a swords museum operated by Token Corporation, and a branch office of the rental real estate agency Homemate. With its mix of high-end rental housing and offices, Sakae Tower Hills is a new landmark for the city of Nagoya. Its exterior is a stylish geometric play of circles and squares. Located in the very heart of Nagoya, the Sakae area in Naka-ku offers an elegant and enviable life to its residents. With its hotel-style concierge services, Sakae Tower Hills is truly a full-service luxury rental apartments high-rise like no other.

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